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Hagler Heating & Cooling is located in Ozark, Alabama. We provide Heating, Cooling, Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & also Maintenance services. Trust us for all your Ozark, AL HVAC service needs.

Serving the Wiregrass Area:
Dothan, Enterprise, Headland, Ozark, Troy & Also The Surrounding Cities

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Now Serving the following cities in Alabama.

  • Abbeville
  • Clayton
  • Clio
  • Dothan
  • Enterprise
  • Eufaula
  • Headland
  • Midland City
  • Newton
  • Newville
  • Ozark
  • Pinkard
  • Slocomb
  • Troy
  • Wicksburg

Contact us for all your heating and air service needs in Ozark, AL, and also the surrounding areas.

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Heating and AC Replacements in Ozark, AL

Many of our clients have told us that it’s hard for them to determine when they should replace their heating and cooling systems, especially since their HVAC doesn’t exactly come with an expiration date.

That’s what we’re here for – the HVAC professionals at Hagler Heating and Cooling are always here to help you decide if replacing your heating and air system is the best course of action. We know the telltale signs that indicate an HVAC is on its last leg.

If you’re concerned that your heating and air system is on its way out, contact us. One of our talented technicians can come out to your house, perform a system assessment and give you our honest opinion about the state of your system.

When to Call the HVAC Experts

Although we’re happy to come out and assess your heating and air system whenever you suspect there’s a problem, there are 4 key signs that suggest your HVAC system might be failing. Contact us if you notice any of the following:

  • Endless Repairs: If you find yourself always calling an HVAC repair tech, it might be time to replace your HVAC system.  
  • Older System: If your heater or AC unit is 10 years old (or older), it’ll most likely need to be replaced soon.
  • Higher Utility Bills: If you notice your utility bills are higher, and you can’t blame a price hike or increased usage, a failing HVAC system may be to blame.
  • Air Quality is Worse: Older heating and cooling systems lose their ability to manage humidity levels and regulate temps throughout your house.

Heater and AC Replacement Services in Ozark, AL

If you think it may be time to install a new heating and cooling system, or if you’re not quite sure if you should replace your system or continue to repair it, give the experts at Hagler Heating and Cooling a call. We can examine your system, give you our honest recommendations and if needed, help you select a brand new Carrier system for your home. Call us today!

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