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Residents of Ozark, Alabama enjoy an abundance of nature: lakes, parks, and also golf courses. However, coming home to a broken HVAC system after enjoying these outdoor activities is never a good thing. If your heating or cooling isn’t working correctly, give Hagler Heating & Cooling a call. Our professional, highly trained, and also reliable technicians are ready to provide you with expert heating and air services. Our team is proud to provide heating and air services in Ozark, AL, and also the surrounding areas 24/7. 

Quality Heating & Air Services Ozark, AL

When you need heating and cooling repair or also maintenance, Hagler Heating & Cooling are the local HVAC contractors to call. We offer the best HVAC service in the Wiregrass Area. Each of our technicians is abundantly qualified to identify and also solve any HVAC problem you may encounter. No matter if you need a full HVAC replacement or a simple repair, Hagler Heating & Cooling can help. 

Common HVAC Problems in Ozark, AL

Common HVAC problems can have simple solutions, like changing a dirty filter. Others will develop into more significant issues if not serviced early. Therefore, it is always good to know what HVAC issues homeowners in Ozark, AL regularly face. This list will help you know when to call Hagler Heating & Cooling for a service or repair.

Thermostat Malfunctions. If your HVAC unit isn’t working, check your thermostat first. Batteries may need to be replaced. A programmable thermostat may not be set to the ‘ON’ function. Checking your thermostat owner’s manual to trouble-shoot issues can prevent you from paying for a costly or unnecessary service call. If still malfunctioning, a Hagler Heating & Cooling technician can quickly diagnose the problem.

Mechanical Wear and Tear. There are many mechanical components that your HVAC system relies on: belts, bearings, coils, etc. Your heating and cooling efficiency may be negatively impacted by the normal wear and tear of these parts. Scheduling regular maintenance to check for worn or dirty elements is necessary to maintain adequate airflow.

Unusual Noises. HVAC systems will make some humming noises as part of their normal operation. However, if you notice rattling, whining, or squealing, it is time to call an HVAC technician. Rattling noises may indicate loose parts. Squealing sounds might be signs of blower motor failure. Whichever, you need to have your HVAC looked at immediately, before it leads to system failure.

Reliable and Friendly HVAC Repairs in Ozark, AL – Local AC

Whatever the issue, you can rely on the friendly and professional technicians at Hagler Heating & Cooling for expert heating and air services in Ozark, AL. We provide first-class, professional service every time. Our highly trained technicians will identify and solve your HVAC problem fast.

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Based in Ozark, AL, Hagler Heating & Cooling provides the Wiregrass Area’s best HVAC services. Contact Hagler Heating & Cooling for professional service, prompt response, and competitive pricing for all of your HVAC repairs. 

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The Hagler Heating & Cooling team is your 5-star rated choice for HVAC services in Ozark, Alabama.

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